Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Coffee Kopi Luwak-Coffee

Genuine Kopi Luwak coffee beans release hidden flavor compounds from the beans that are never accessed by regular roasting and brewing. These wonderful, locked-away flavors are released because of the natural enzymes of the Luwak. Cat's Ass Coffee is commonly known among connoisseurs as the worlds best-tasting coffee.

Although the coffee is expensive per pound, the affordable price of Cat's Ass Coffee allows everyone to enjoy this rare delicacy. Our Kopi Luwak is whole-heartedly guaranteed... If it isn't the smoothest cup of coffee you have ever drank, simply return it for a 110% refund. In addition to this solid endorsement, we ship all Cat's Ass Coffee with a certificate of authenticity that is ready to be framed and mounted on your wall.